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Terms and Conditions of Use

All members of Project X Online Gym must comply with these terms and conditions.

These are incorporated into a members contract with us and compliance is important to maintain standards to enable members to get full enjoyment from their membership. Any person who does not comply with these terms and conditions may have their membership terminated.

A copy of Project X Online Gym's terms and conditions is available for users on request.

Project X Online Gym reserves the right to make reasonable amendments to these terms and conditions at any time and the managing director's interpretation of them is final.


  • The management reserve the right to refuse admission to any person(s) at any time.
  • Project X Online Gym Ltd take no Resonsiblity for any Nutrition plans Fitness plans or general Information provided to any Client 
  • Acceptance of any application for membership is at the management's absolute discretion (this discretion being exercised reasonably and in compliance with applicable laws).
  • Memberships entitles an individual to use Project X Online Gym's facilities subject to the conditions of their membership category, tariff rates and availability.
  • Membership is personal to the member and may not be reassigned, transferred, sold on or otherwise disposed of.
  • On termination of membership for any reason, the member must surrender their membership card to Project X Online Gym.
  • MemberShip fees are non-refundable.

Member Access

  • Every member will receive a membership card which must be used to gain access to classes.
  • Members who apply for a replacement membership card will be subject to a £10 fee.
  • A member must not lend their membership card to anyone else. Any member found doing so will have their membership cancelled without refund.
  • All class users must check in to the assigned instructor prior to the class bringing. Anyone found attending classes without doing so may be subject to a £10 fine.
  • Instructors have the right to refuse admission if member payments are not up to date.

Guests and Visitors

  • Members over the age of 18 may bring guests over the age of 18 to classes upon payment of the appropriate fee.
  • Members must accompany their guests at all times and ensure that they comply with these terms and conditions. A member may not leave facilities prior to their guest's departure.


  • Lockers are for use during training sessions only
  • For security reasons and the benefit of other members, all lockers must be vacated by the end of each visit.
  • If belongings are left after hours in a locker, Project X Online Gym reserve the right to open the locker (forced if necessary) and remove the belongings.

Behaviour and Dress

  • Appropriate clean clothing and footwear must be worn at all times when attending any of our facilities.
  • Members should conduct themselves in a quiet and well-mannered fashion when at any of our facilities. In particular, the use of foul, loud or abusive language will not be permitted.
  • Members are not permitted to behave in a violent or rude way which offends, distresses or annoys anyone else.
  • All members must not bring or be under the influence of drugs, alcohol Or any mind altering substances whilst in any of our facilities.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all of our facilities
  • Mobile phones are not permitted within workout areas (unless consent is granted by a member of staff)
  • No food is to be taken into workout areas.


  • Fees which are due must be paid prior to attending a class. Anyone who has not paid their membership fee will not be permitted to take part in classes.
  • No one may enter the fitness area whilst a class is running unless they are permitted to do so.



  • A child is defined as under the age of 16
  • No one under the age of 14 is permitted to attend any Project X Online Gym classes.
  • Children under 14 years of age must be registered by a parent or guardian
  • As a child's parent or guardian, you give permission for your child to participate in Exercise classes and realise there are risks involved.
  • If your child had any medical conditions or existing injuries it is your responsibility to seek medical approval prior to enrolling your child with Project X Online Gym.
  • Children must be accompanied to and from their class by and adult.
  • Accompanying adults may only be permitted to stay during the class at the instructor's discretion.

Health & Safety

  • Anyone attending Project X Online Gym classes must comply with the Health & Safety of the facility in which it takes place.
  • All members must be fully aware of the Health Commitment Statement (HCS). This document is available to download from the Project X Online Gym website.
  • The HCS confirms that all member are responsible for heir own health and should not embark upon training unless they are fit and able to do so. In the case of children, the Child's parent or guardian must be fully aware of the HCS and it is their responsibility to ensure the child is fit and able to train.
  • If anyone feels they may have any medical conditions or injuries which may be worsened through excersising, then it is their responsibility to seek medical advice and/or approval prior to beginning.
  • Any exercising which is undertaken which results in pain or dizziness should be ceased immediately and treatment should be sought from a professional doctor.
  • Project X Online Gym nor any of its agents/facilities shall be responsible for any injury occurring on premises as a result of the misuse of the facilities and/or equipment provided by the facilities.
  • Anyone who chooses to take park in combat sports does so at their own risk.


  • Facilities and services may vary at the discretion of the management.
  • The liability of Project X Online Gym for damage or loss to members property is strictly limited to any damage or loss suffered as a direct result of negligence of Project X Online Gym or their employees.


  • Project X Online Gym require a 30-day notice period to cancel any agreement.
  • Cancellations must be completed by email to head office with attached membership ID.

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