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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the questions we're asked most often.  If you can't find the answer you're looking for here, please get in touch.

About Our Trainers 4

  • Trainers

    Project X Online Gym focuses on recruiting the very best Personal Trainers, who are passionate about fitness and share our vision of helping everyone towards achieving their goals.

    Project X trainers share knowledge and experience, working together to provide an excellent service to our members.

  • Do you have female Personal Trainers?

    Yes, Project X Online Gym has female Personal Trainers who have their own unique approach to training, are dedicated to motivating you and specialise in many different areas to suit your requirements.

  • Are your Personal Trainers qualified?

    All our Personal Trainers hold a recognized Personal Trainer qualification (Level 3). Trainers are encouraged to keep up to date with Continuing Professional Development (CPD), this involves additional courses & workshops. Many of our trainers have specific exercise & equipment qualifications which allows them to specialize in certain areas of exercise & performance coaching. Additionally some trainers have sports coaching backgrounds & qualifications.

  • Are your Personal Trainers insured?

    Yes, we take health & safety very seriously. All our trainers hold Personal Liability insurance up to £5,000,000 and are able to teach exercise in which they hold the relevant qualifications.

Membership 3

  • How much does it cost?

    Our Membership Costs are £19.99 pm 

  • Is there a joining fee?

    No, there is no joining fee.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    If you wish to cancel your membership please give Project X 30 Days Notice

    All cancellations will require a 30 day notice period. Project X will then notify you with confirmation of your cancellation and the date of your last payment.

    If you are paying by direct debit, your signature on the debit-card form authorises us to use that card to take the monthly payment. If we do not receive your direct-debit payment for any reason. If you fall behind with your membership fees and this is not caused by a bank error, we may charge an administration fee, suspend or cancel your membership.

How does Online Training Work? 9

  • Online Training

    Once you purchase Project X online training you will recieve our exercise & nutrition questionnaire to help us better understand your current situation and your goals.

    The service we provide consists of a customized exercise plan, nutritional guidance, access to our Project X support network (including Workouts of the Week) along with 24/7 personal support from us directly.

    In order for your program to be fully customized you must answer all the questions in the questionnaire in full detail. The more information you provide us with, the easier it will be to fully customize your plan.  You will be responsible for contacting the Personal Trainer directly on a weekly basis to let us know your updates and progress.

    Project X encourage all clients to take advantage of the trainer contact and completing your online journal. In order to get maximum benefit form your membership, ensure your keeping up to date and do inform us of any questions etc.

    You will be communicating with the trainer personally not a automated system. Our goal is to get you in the best shape of your life, quickly and in the safest manner possible! We also want to help you to sustain your new body for the long term. Project X provides the support & guidance throughout your transformation.

  • How long does it take until I receive my fully customized program?

    Within 24 hours of purchase you will receive a notification to complete the member details form and questionnaire (we do advise you to upload a profile picture). You will then be able to re-set your log in password to something memorable.

    Once we receive all your info, our Personal Trainer will begin preparing your plan. We do aim to have your customized plan ready & returned to you within 48 hrs.

  • Do I have to take before Pics?

    Pictures are optional. We do encourage members to take progress pictures.The weight on the scales does not always tell you everything. Looking in the mirror or at a picture often does. It's understandable you may not currently be looking or feeling your best.. however it does allow you to see the difference in the near future as to how far you have come.

    "The hardest thing about exercise is to start doing it. Seeing a difference, the hardest thing is to stop".

    All pictures in your journal will be stricltly confidential. We may occasionally use a members before & after transformation pictures, however we would never do so without having firstly asked for your permission.

  • Can the online workout program be done at home?

    Yes it can! Based on your workout questionnaire we will customize your program, incoporating bodyweight exercises, cardio and making use of any equipment you do have available.

    Access to a gym or fitness facility, basic dumbbells or a cardio machine at home is going to be an advantage as our Trainer can include a wide variety of exercises when progressing your exercise routine month to month.

  • Does Online Personal training really work?

    ABSOLUTELY!! We have worked with clients Worldwide! The reason it works is because our aim is to educate you on all the aspects to living a healthier lifestyle and maintaining fat loss results long term. Project X Online Gym is NOT about quick fixes and crash dieting.

    Our mission is to help as many members to look and feel fabulous, whilst maintaining these outcomes forever. Our trainers will teach you how to eat effectively for fat loss or muscle building. The importance of make changes to your plan at the right times to continue progressing in the right direction.

    Our online training only works if you do. If you follow what we give you 110% we can guarantee you will love the results you see!

  • Can I still drink Alcohol on this plan?

    Ah.. one of the most popular questions that comes to mind!

    Alcohol is something that will slow down any progress. Being realistic, our trainers do NOT advice to go that you must never drink alcohol again! Alcohol something most people enjoy and drink when being sociable with friends and family. Project X is all about you happiness & wellbeing.

    However we do advise alcohol in moderation, try to keep alcohol to a minimum when possible. Have the occasional night out yes, although mid week drinking and going wild every weekend is a no no.. seeing initial progress followed by too much alcohol will only result in pushing your goals further and further away! 

  • How strict does my Eating need to be?

    Project X Online Gym is all about aiming for progress not perfection. Small changes week to week can be much more beneficial. Eating healthy 80%+ of the time will most likely still allow you to see change in your shape regularly. A healthier balanced way of eating will no doubt be more sustainable for you.

    You will not necessarily be on any strict diet, therefore try not to think of it as being on a "diet" once started just because your making changes to get into shape or improve fitness. The word diet simply means what you eat.. so technically everyone is on a diet really, whether they are into exercise & being healthy or not.

    Project X previously provided customized eating plans for our members, although through recent research and feeback, the conclusion was that a high percentage of people are less likely to stick to a "customized diet plan".

    Our mission now is to encourage members to take more personal responsibility when it comes to eating and being organised. Project X do still provide all the tools, meal options and education on nutrition which will better prepare you for making the right choices, planning, knowing what to eat in a difficult situations, most importantly heping you commit to "real changes" and live healthier.

  • Can I add some of my favorite foods into my eating plan?

    Yes, this is one of the questions you will be answering in your nutrition form. Your trainer can usually fit any type of food into your meal plan (except for some obvious junk foods).

    If you do have a "sweet tooth" for example you may still occasionally have something or alternatives can be incoporated.

  • Does Online Training mean I get to work with you as my Trainer in Person?

    Unfortunately No. If you sign up as a online member then all communication will be done via email and chatroom. The reason for this is to keep your monthly costs to a minumum whilst still providing a service which offers great value and continues to get members results!

    Many Project X Personal Trainers have worked with hundreds of clients on a 121 basis within leading health clubs, getting some amazing results. However we do feel online clients who are committed, and able to correctly follow the advice from our trainers can achieve the same results.

    If 121 training is something you are really interested in as an addition to your online support and you live local, please get in touch and our team will provide you with further information:


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